Video Quick List

Manufacturing Excellence
The Association of Manufacturing Excellence promoted their conference in Dallas with an opportunity to explore excellence at the world’s biggest event space: The Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Excellent location for a conference designed to build… excellence.

Director, Interviewer, Scriptwriter: Robin Hamilton
Photography: Rob Scarborough
Sound recording: Mike Thomason
Editing: Joulian Tavolli, Robin Hamilton

Profiling Leaders in Business and the Arts
Margaret Atwood 21This video was shot and edited in Toronto over the course of just 12 days to honour ‘Castro’s Capitalist’ – Ian Delaney (as MacLean’s wrote at the time of the Helms Burton affair). The cast includes some of the most powerful players on Bay Street at the time of Sherrit’s historic, record-setting public offering. Artists include the ever-trenchant Margaret Atwood and her partner Graeme Gibson, the truly remarkable ballerina Vernonica Tennant, Canada’s jazz saxophonist Jane Bunnet and more.  Created to honour the founder of Sherritt International, Mr. Ian Delaney, at a private event it covers one of the biggest plays ever on Bay Street and a pivotal moment in Canadian-American relations. If you have the password, click here to view. Or, send me an email and start a discussion about my services. (The video was created without distribution rights exclusively for the gala.)
Direction, Interviewing and Editing: Robin Hamilton
Cinematography: Christine Buijs
Sound Recording: Sean van Delft, Neil McIntyre, and Paolo di Teodoro

Treating Patients with Complex Conditions (excerpt)
Dr. Pauline Pariser of the Taddle Creek Family Health Team and the University Health Network in Toronto developed a cutting-edge, collaborative approach to treating patients with complex conditions, condensing months of patient-professional interactions into a single morning-long session. Filmed documentary-style, it was designed as an educational tool. (This stripped-down version has all patient information removed.)

Interviewer: Robin Hamilton
Camera operator: Joulian Tavalloli
Editing: Robin Hamilton

VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER: A powerful tool to drive revenue
Promotional video for the Association of Manufacturing Excellence, and an example of the power of the voice of the customer. This compilation, distilled from a series of longer interviews, generated new attendees (and revenue!) to this international conference on how to improve any organization. I believe strongly in letting your experts, allies, members and/or clients speak for you and your organization.

Concept, direction, editing of some individual interviews: Robin Hamilton
Final composition and editing of this assembled piece with 2D effects: Mike Reisacher
Camera operator, editing of conference graphics: Joulian Tavalloli

How Manufacturing is Helping Healthcare: In Conversation with Martha Purrier
This was one of the more touching and powerful of over 50 interviews I conducted and then edited for the Association of Manufacturing Excellence. Martha Purrier’s vital message about how lessons from the manufacturing floor helped revolutionize the processes at a chemotherapy clinic. 

Interviewer: Robin Hamilton
Camera operator: Joulian Tavalloli
Editing: Robin Hamilton

Revitalizing Manufacturing in North America
Created as an informative teaser for a conference on how to rebuild manufacturing in North America.

Concept, video graphics and video editing: Robin Hamilton
Interviewing and production: Ron Zywicki, David James Group, Chicago

Birth of a Winery
Created pro bono to help launch 3 Dog Winery in Prince Edward County, Ontario with a Kickstarter campaign, this was a fun, quick weekend in the country. We arrived to find over 100 volunteers planting grape vines, along with local businesses who came out to help with food and drink. The project was fun – shot on a Saturday, assembled on a Sunday, edited on a Monday and uploaded on a Tuesday! 3 Dog Wine raised over $10,000 on Kickstarter, and recently built themselves their first building on the property. Vist my new friends John and Sacha Squair at!

Interviewing and editing: Robin Hamilton
Cinematography: Kelly Harms
Sound Recordist: Kerry Young

In Conversation: Mark Williams of HKS and Chief Architect for the Dallas Cowboys Stadium
If you are passionate about excellence and/or architecture, you may enjoy hearing the architect, Mark Williams on the unique design of the world’s largest interior space:

Interviewing and editing: Robin Hamilton
Cinematography: Rob Scarborough

In Conversation: Scott Williams talks about Architecture and Engineering in Alignment
Or, hear from Stadium engineer Scott Wood on how architecture and engineering come together to create excellence. (He also shows us the best iphone app ever: controlling the doors, lights, heating and roof of the world’s largest stadium interior space from the palm of your hand.)

Interviewing and editing: Robin Hamilton
Cinematography: Rob Scarborough

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