Video and Audio Production

The new power to showcase, explain, promote, question, and influence without spending a mint is  very exciting. Engage your audience with the voice of their peers: an expert, an ally, a fellow customer, or perhaps all three.

[Click to see sample videos.]

Video content is driving some organization’s web traffic and overall reach to their key targets. Even a one-day shoot can yield a mini-suite of video content. Release a series of small videos, profile a range of customers, and release the content in outreach campaigns. You can also bankroll b-roll for public relations work (reporters and your PR experts will love you for this).

I believe we are still discovering how, when, and where we employ video, and audio podcasts, or even animated gifs in social media and how it fits into an integrated strategy. As a sophisticated interviewer and experienced leader of multi-disciplinary projects, I believe I offer a new perspective on how to create interesting content, and I’d like to chat with you about what you want to achieve. Who do you want to motivate? How can we challenge, excite, inform or influence your audience? What’s a less expensive way to achieve the same results? What is most important to your viewer/reader/listener?


[Click to listen to sample podcasts.]
Audio podcasts are an excellent companion piece, or an even more affordable alternative to creating compelling content. One telephone interview can yield a feature profile, podcast on your website. Supplement that with backgrounders, or a series, and you can run a content-driven email or social media campaigns over the course of weeks or months.

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