Executive Interview: Framing the Subject

The stills shown below are from a short business and arts film I produced, directed and edited. Christine Buijs was the cinematographer, and she is primarily responsible for executing a great look with minimal lighting. Setting up a frame correctly, and choosing an angle in a good location puts artists and executives  – and their ideas – in the best light possible. For this shoot we were on a budget for equipment, and so we used two cameras, closely aligned for narrative consistency and editorial ease. This allowed us to cut provided energy, drama, and a change of shot whenever we needed to cut around minor verbal missteps without interrupting the narrative with dramatic shifts in visual perspective. The first (left) of the each shot is the wide shot, from a Caonon 6D – on the right, the second (right) shot was from a little Canon T3i – not even a full frame camera (we did give it a longer, high quality ‘L series’ telephoto lens. Inexpensive,  yet cinematic! Margaret Atwood wideMargaret Atwood closeKevin Sullivan -wideKevin Sullivan -closeJohn Warwick WideJohn Warwick -closeDaniel Owen wideDaniel Owen closeJIm Baillie wide

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