Executive Interview: Framing the Subject

The stills shown below are from a short business and arts film I produced, directed and edited. Christine Buijs was the cinematographer, and she is primarily responsible for creating a great look with minimal lighting. Setting up a frame correctly, and choosing an angle in a good location puts executives  – and their ideas – in the best light possible. For this shoot we used two cameras, which provided energy, drama, and a change of shot whenever we needed to cut around minor verbal missteps. On the left for the wide shot, a Caonon 6D – on the right, a little Canon T3i with a longer lens. Inexpensive,  yet cinematic!

Kevin Sullivan -wideKevin Sullivan -closeJohn Warwick WideJohn Warwick -closeMargaret Atwood wideMargaret Atwood closeDaniel Owen wideDaniel Owen closeJIm Baillie wideJane Bunnett -wideMavis Staines -wide

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