I am a multi-disciplinary writer, producer and editor of words, video and audio, with extensive experience creating content to reach, inform and influence your audience. I thrive on a challenge, and I live for complex topics.   Please feel free to contact me  to start a conversation about how I can help bring your audience and you closer together. I pride myself on finding ways to do new things that fit within my client’s budget.

Writing, Research and Editing
     Magazine-style profiles, corporate video scripts, business cases, corporate brochures, technical white papers, policy briefs – these are just a few of the in-depth, informative projects I love to tackle. Bring me the facts – or ask me to conduct and condense research – and I will write a succinct and persuasive document that engages your readership.
     I will provide polish to your prose, tightening up a loose phrase, providing clarity, emphasis and that elusive rhythm that is the hallmark of good writing. I will do so while retaining your voice and reflecting your personal or corporate style.
     All good stories start with a good question. I try to ask the questions that lead to authentic, engaging answers. These become the building blocks of a new strategy, an article or a compelling video. I also provide a range of research services: qualitative studies with experts, background papers, photo rights research, policy summaries and more.

Video and Audio Production
 My first calling was  interviewing people, putting them at their ease, and learning from their areas of expertise. This provides the solid content we need to engage our audience. Video excels at creating more visceral, intimate connections to introduce or enhance engagement with your audience. As the emerging, potentially dominant medium, it represents tremendous opportunity to bring experts, customers and leaders to your audience’s screen. It is now more affordable, but it should still be selected and created with care. I will help at any stage from conception to distribution – solo or as part of a team. I conduct interviews, write scripts, shoot and edit photography and video, calling on talented colleagues in film making for key roles to match the scope of your project. My approach? I believe strongly in the credibility and authenticity of bringing natural conversation to the screen – carefully edited to provide pacing and energy.

Communications and Marketing Strategies and Plans
     Clear plans position your organization or issue. Careful selection of messages, tactics and vehicles reach, inform, and persuade your audience. I have helped organizations develop small campaigns to promote one issue or product line, and I have helped organizations rebrand themselves to the world.