In an increasingly specialized world, the writer is
a generalist, and a friend to all specialists. – REH

I love laboratories, and not just the kind Sherlock Holmes had, with beakers and pipettes. Architects’ three-dimensional computer models are a laboratory, as are the technological and cultural changes taking place in every profession and every organization. I am the generalist who will understand your language, your art or your science or your compelling business proposition. I will be faithful to that story as I help choose the right questions, the right medium and the right words to tell that story to any audience you need to reach, inform and persuade.

Writing for Brochures and Magazines

The people who drive new ideas are always fascinating to me. Most recently, I have been interviewing business leaders in manufacturing. See recent posts, including this one on how Mike Rother is changing how people think about tackling large problems. This article on Dave Hogg, Chair, Toronto AME Conference is an example of an executive character study, magazine style.

For a sample of (ghost-) writing for online technical magazines, check out this op-ed article that appeared in Telephony Online : Beyond the IP pipe.

Writing for Engineers and CIO’s

Solace Systems was in start-up mode. They needed to challenge network experts (CIOs and network managers) and CFOs assumptions about how to manage the information and money inside the world’s biggest networks. They commissioned a series of business case studies. Here’s one in the series: Solace Systems Supply Chain brochure.

Or, for an example of business writing, here is a white paper on how leading companies are “building new types of organizations: innovative, responsive enterprises, focused on delivering value to end customers. …Read more from Manufacturing Technology.

Editing and Proofreading

Markup pdf

I can provide a thorough edit for style and structure, preserving the original author’s voice and making complex ideas come to life. I can also proofread for basic errors to ensure clean copy before a deadline. We only need decide which task we are doing.

 Writing for Policy Makers

The North-South Institute commissioned me to write a summary of a two-year project on gender and economic reform in Africa. For a sample of my ability to condense verbal briefings and a bookshelf of documents into ten pages, see: Demanding Dignity.

I have also edited briefing documents for the federal government (e.g. Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Health Canada). The Capital District Health Authority in Nova Scotia asked me to write Envisioning a Healthy Public Policy for Nova Scotia, an executive-level overview on population health for elected officials and policy makers.

Business Research and Writing 

Innovation Insights helps Canadian manufacturers improve their productivity and ability to compete globally. They can prove it, too. I started with a database, and hundreds of calls and interviews later, we published a set of crisp business stories of bottom-line improvement. These stories of actual return on investment still stand, five years later as the best proof of the program’s value. Visit the Innovation Insights website or view a sample: Standard Aero’s ROI: $100K. (Thanks to Rod Overall at M&O Communications for championing this project.)

Larsen Hinge makes specialized steel hinges for pianos, industrial and auto manufacturers, and as the price of steel rose, they needed to defend price increases to senior buyers in their customer base. So they commissioned me to write a thorough business case on the world price of steel for their customer newsletter. Often a client supplies me with the latest business information. In this case, I conducted a thorough review of world steel markets, and interviewed one of the leading experts on industrial pricing. If you’re going to prove something, you may as well get it right….

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