Short Shots of Information

Articles in spaceEmail and social media campaigns must engage your audience, and that means providing relevant, informative content. Highly educated, high-tech audiences mean you need to reach with information and influence with facts – in print, in audio, video and with online articles. One simple way to create compelling content is to start with an in-depth interview, and from there, release a print and audio version, distributed as part of an email campaign to drive registration (and revenue).

Here’s are some recent samples, created as a cost-efficient alternative to video production.

Listen to best-selling business author Mike Rother talk about new ways groups and organizations can solve complex challenges.

(This was one of a series of interviews that helped drive attendance. Thanks to leading experts John Shook, Dan Jones, Mike Rother, Gerry Price and Jim Womack for their time, and the fine folks at the AME who are helping to transform manufacturing companies and hospitals around the world.)

Or read the pdf of the interview:

Rother banner

For an example of business success story/ corporate profile, try “Relentless Innovation”:

Price article Relentless Innovation

This article profiles the success of Winnipeg-based HVAC leader The Price Group through two recessions.

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