Lac Mer Bleu

Hey Chris. Some photos from Lac Mer Bleu, possible camping site. Our friends would, I think, let us park and embark from the dock.

I can check there isn’t something I’ve missed about camping there, but it is not frequented much at all It is a jumping off point for some fishers and there is an outfitter with cabins for rent, boats, but I’ve been 3 x now and it was always quiet on the lake. I think their business might be slow, or mostly in the rest of ZEC Pontiac (QUebec’s conservation/ hunting / fishing zones) which starts north of this lake.

Map link (maps images below.)

And at the end, a few shots from when we were up there. It’s super pretty.

I suppose the site could be taken, but it is a bit hidden and had not been used as a site recently when I was there in 2021. And I don’t think it’s the only place you could camp and maybe not the best.

These are all in the bottom south end. COuld be other, better or worse sites. After you come out of the bay at the S end, you leave the cottages behind.

It’s basically behind the low little trees, before the pine in the center of frame. Approach from the water

One of two small pads in front (I think I’m standing on the other, which is very close to the fire pit): This next of the site is almost on the same compass heading as the approach from the water:

Remains of fire pit, not used that last year (this was fall 2021).

I think this is opposite and just a little further up the lake. There may be a site in there, but I don’t think so (I went by but did not land):

I don’t think you could camp easily just over just inside the trees on the edge on the one above.
But maybe, the one in the distance, up high is an optio, with a tough landing.. Perhaps, not sure. Did not land there. Other spots also possible.


Pretty spots on the lake one morning:

Pretty, but not a site.