Happy Christmas Sadie!

Hi Sadie! 

 I have been hearing about this swimming business and I am extremely impressed! Also, of course, we agree that swimming and water generally are one of the best places to spend one’s time. Will you be faster than me in my canoe now? 

So, I almost send you the swim suit below (click here to see product listing, description, etc. at MEC.Not only did it seem like a good suit, but it was in purple, which you may or may not still like. See below for a bunch of links to browse, however.

Speedo fusion suit at MEC

​HOWEVER, it seemed better for you to choose whatever you wanted and also, you can get your size right. (I encourage you to have Lara take a fresh measurements, which will also be an opportunity to point out your height to her a few more times.  I quite like it when you tease her about that.) 
I’m sending Lara some moolah to pay for this. She tells me that your incredible super-power of saving money needs some restraint, so please send me a photograph of the suit you buy on the dog, on the cat, ideally perhaps you, in action in the pool, but whatever you think best but saving is separate, okay?

An other option, just an idea:  this one click here looked like a quality piece, but again, whatever you want. It was in black (a good thing? Says you’re serious?) 

Here is: an article that had some advice about good suits (click here. It suggested Speedo, Nike (no surprise) and also TRY as the brands for competitive swimmers. I didn’t see the exact models they mentioned, but very similar designs and a range of colours are at MEC and Sportchek. 
All swimsuits at MEC click here 
All suits at Sportchek suits click here.Or shop wherever you like.

We love you lots! I cannot wait to lose a swimming race with you. Will you drag me in the canoe sometime?
Hug all the pets and Lara and Fayette for me please !