Hello Stan Gibson, and thanks for reading my email.

I hope we have a chance to chat about the gap between knowledge and action to preserve our seas, lakes and rivers. As you observed, bridging that gap is the very nub of all environmental issues, and its importance, of course, cannot be understated.

I believe communication should be as easy as possible, so:
My resume is here.
Writing samples are just over here.

Here is the the image and text of my email about your copywriter position. ecologos-rh1-image

Reflection #9: How to Spark Action ?

“How to spark people to take action, even in their own interest, is a puzzle begging to be solved. … We have tried to motivate in many ways – through information, guilt, doom and gloom, concern for coming generations and straight-out exhortation. None of these has motivated action on the needed scale.” – Ecologos

I’d like to take a crack at that puzzle with you. Please visit for samples, my resume and more