REH 2 ps no metadataThe 30-second elevator pitch
I love  to dive into a complex topic and emerge with the key nuggets of information that your audience wants and needs to know to do their job better. Then, we select the best path to reach, inform and influence your audiences. The medium – online video, feature article, press release, white paper – may change, but it is always about selecting and presenting the right facts in the simplest way possible. That’s how we reach, inform, and persuade people to shift their thinking and adopt new practices.

Robin has led creative teams at business-to-business communications and marketing agencies, corporations and the federal government. In 2000, he struck out on his own, writing, managing and producing projects in alliance with agencies and a network of like-minded colleagues. In 2008, he expanded into the medium of film and video, producing and directing videos to tell business stories, and assisting Spruce Street Pictures in the production of several international award-winning short films. Most recently, he added video editing to his skill set.

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Client Organizations
The Association for Manufacturing Excellence, Bridgewater Systems, The Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, Export Development Canada, Capital Health, Larsen Hinge, the Railway Association of Canada, the Ottawa Public Library, EFOS, Newbridge Networks, the North-South Institute, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Solace Systems, Taddle Creek Family Health Team and more.