Revitalizing Manufacturing in North America

San Antonio striving sun Looking for cost-effective ways to influence a business audience? Let like speak to like: put  plain-speaking business leaders in front of their colleagues. Interviews were shot in Chicago, and then I developed the concept and edited 2 days of footage into the final promotional video. The key, as always was that was to iron out the message. In this case that was to identify the true costs of global manufacturing networks and you can restore your business – and restore a fundamental part of the US economy. This video combines interviews and inexpensive stock and basic 2D imagery  to create an effective marketing tool at a nice price point.  This campaign drove attendance at a high profile conference in San Antonio on the Revitalization of Manufacturing in North America. The conference drew executives from across the U.S.A.  It combines a brief graphic narrative with interviews with executives and thought-leaders in manufacturing, and it explain why some manufacturers are  moving operations back to North America. The video is the focal point of the conference website, and was featured in email campaigns and in-person presentations to promote the conference.

Concept, video graphics and video editing: Robin Hamilton

san antonio email

Email created to drive traffic to the site and fuel registration.

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