The Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME) is a not-for-profit group of dedicated business leaders working to promote excellence in manufacturing and healthcare through the latest in continuous improvement practices. It has been a privilege to interview global leaders in excellence, and to help create a media-rich website that draws on the voice of their customers to drive attendance to their premiere events. 

In 2011, the Association of Manufacturing Excellence promoted their conference in Dallas with an opportunity to explore excellence. Their case study: building the world’s biggest and best event space: The Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Excellent location for a conference designed to build… excellence.

Interviews, Scriptwriting, Direction: Robin Hamilton
Photography: Rob Scarborough
Sound recording: Mike Thomason
Editing: Joulian Tavalloli

My work for the AME includes:

  • Producing, directing and editing over 50 videos that bring the conference to virtual life and help drive attendance.
  • Audio podcasting: producing and editing customer and executive interviews.
    Listen to and/or read interviews with celebrated author and speaker Malcom Gladwell; CEO of the Thedacare Center for Healthcare Value, Dr. John Touissantand Howard Putnam, former CEO of Southwest Airlines.
  • Writing white papers on global business trends and more.

If you are passionate about excellence and/or architecture, you may enjoy hearing the architect, Mark Williams on the unique design of the world’s largest interior space:

Or, hear from Stadium engineer Scott Wood on how architecture and engineering come together to create excellence. (He also shows us the best iphone app ever: controlling the world’s largest stadium from the palm of your hand.)

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